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About Candles.co.uk


In 2006 Candles.co.uk was created, a luxury on-line store for the best scented candles and home fragrance from all over the world.

Alison Bracher - Co-founder Candles.co.uk

Alison Bracher – Co Founder of Candles.co.uk

Hello and thanks for dropping by, much appreciated. I hope you will stay awhile and enjoy looking around our wonderful candle and home fragrance shop.

How we started. Candles.co.uk was founded in June 2006 and began trading in December 2006. Since as far back as I can remember, I have had a passion for all things fragrant. As a mother of two young children back then, I was trying to juggle family life while establishing a luxury online candle shop. As all working mothers know, it can be hard at times but we somehow manage in the end. 12 years on and Candles.co.uk has gone from strength to strength (and I think the kids turned out ok too!).

The Candles.co.uk Online Shop. We are proud to represent the most popular candle makers in the UK and abroad. These are brands that continually strive for excellence; designing beautiful fragrances and also taking a responsible approach to the environment, sourcing natural, cleaner and ethical products wherever possible. We hope that what you will also find at Candles.co.uk are luxury quality products at prices to suit all budgets.

Champions of the undiscovered. There are amazing home fragrance designers out there. Most start out from their front rooms, mixing and concocting, until they have made the perfect product. It’s a hard industry to break into because as we have already mentioned, the brands at the top are there for good reason. However, here at Candles.co.uk we champion these exciting new artisans to move from the front room on to bigger things. It all makes for a very exciting and fragrant marketplace.

So, that’s us. Candles.co.uk, the cream of candle fragrance and design, viewed from the comfort of home. Great products, our customers and our reputation are at the very heart of this business.

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do!