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Beat The Big Chill With These Warming Aromatic Candles


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! If like me you don’t have the luxury of an open fireplace don’t dispair. Let’s huddle up together and get the candles burning. Even though Spring is just around the corner you might not be feeling it this week, so here are some top candles to help you to feel warm and cosy at home.  Fill your space with comforting aromatic spices,  florals with hints of warm Summer days, or warm woodsy scents with hints of evergreens and moss. A perfect antidote to the ice and snow outside.

Darcy’s Cuban Tobacco & English Oak Scented Candles

Bring the smell of England’s woods on a crisp winter day mixed with fine Cuban tobacco leaves right into your living room. Match the aroma with your favorite cardigan and a glass of whiskey, completing any winter night.               

Here’s a candle that will take you back to the Festive season – Cinnamon Spice

A truly delicious aroma of cinnamon, warming clove and spiced apple. At this rate I will be back in the garage digging out the Christmas decorations!

Oudh Musk – A smooth woody aromatic fragrance.

Produced from the rare and tropical Agar Tree, you will be addicted to this rare and exotic scent. Lots of natural oils in this one, as well as being made from soy wax.

  Metallique Candles Collection Truffle D’Orient

A beautiful addition to any home with it’s clean lines and metal insignia. Scented with an oriental blend of jasmine, rich patchouli and ylang ylang engulfed in a silky dark chocolate and truffle base.

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