The power of being nice in business

Waxing Lyrical About The Power Of Nice 

I sometimes try to think of intelligent things to talk about in business but my one brain cell is struggling with the February weather, post Christmas chocolate overload, and detox blues, it’s a tough call this month. So rather than try that let me tell you a little story all about being nice.

Just before Christmas I was getting on the bus at the park and ride outside Bath. The lady in front of me was asking the rather miserable bus driver if she could please pay him the £1.00 she was short of for her fare on her return trip. He sat there looking like he had sucked a lemon for breakfast and would not agree, therefore wasn’t going to let her on the bus. She pointed out that her car was parked in the car park and she would have to be coming back to get it, so it was obvious she would make good her promise of payment.
Still the bus driver would not budge. I was about to give her the money when the lady behind me pushed a pound into the woman’s hand with a smile. We all settled down to our bus ride, I sat next to her and we did the ‘i can’t believe how grumpy the driver is, he’s probably having a bad morning, perhaps the top had been left off the toothpaste yet again, or he had indeed sucked a lemon for breakfast’ chat.

I found out she was on a floristry course for her business. She was a working mum like myself, and was learning new skills for her business. She was so enthusiastic and excited, and told me people had come from all over the world to be on this course. We parted company but not before exchanging business cards.  Have a read of this book  The Power Of Nice: How To Conquer The Business World With Kindness  by Linda Kaplan Taylor and Robin Koval, on an insight into how ‘nice’ can win the race.

Why not ask your favourite market stall seller for his/her card, or the local newsagents round the corner, or the lady who walks your dog, or your local hairdressers, or the award winning village butcher you see every week, see if they have a website and promote it via social networking, Facebook, Twitter, or just tell a friend 🙂


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