Our top picks for Father’s Day

Father's Day Picks

We’ve picked out some fantastic gift ideas for you in the lead up to Father’s Day. Gorgeous candles for Dad to light in his study or den, and handy diffusers that he can take anywhere.

We found inspiration from this book on Amazon: Aromatherapy for Men: A Scentual Grooming and Lifestyle Guide for Every Male Using Essential Oils by Karen Downes and Judith White. 

The book explains how essential oils work, how they can affect mood, health, and your image in the eyes of the people you meet and work with. The book covers skincare including pre-shave aftershave recipes, hair care, including recipes for encouraging growth and strengthening hair, aromatherapy in the office, travel and stress management, bedroom and bathroom aromatherapy, recipes for sport and relaxation.

Here are some of our own suggestions for fragrances for men in matching candles and diffusers that we think he will appreciate:


Frankincense is one of those wonderful aromatic heady fragrances that men adore. It also has stress-relieving properties. Our top pick is Frankincense and Myrrh by Shearer Candles. This candle has a mighty burn time of approximately 100 hours! (RRP 25.00 our price £22.50)


The woody fragrance of Sandalwood is one of the preferred scents for men when it comes to perfumery because of its woodiness and aromatic base notes. When used in aromatherapy,

Sandalwood helps create a feeling of tranquillity and peace. Our top pick is Modern Classics Water Flower and White Woods by Stoneglow. A fresh floral fragrance with herbal notes of thyme, nutmeg and clove are wrapped in a warm woody base of rosewood, cedar, fir and sandalwood. 40 hours burn time (£15.00).


The scent of Cedarwood oil in your home, office, or workspace can help promote feelings of confidence and self-esteem. The warm, herbaceous aroma of Cedarwood is grounding and can help evoke feelings of wellness. Our top pick is the Freesia and Cesar Diffuser by Stoneglow. Floral notes of freesia and jasmine combined with fruity accords of peach and pineapple. Base notes of cedar, amber and eucalyptus create a serene and calming fragrance. Lasts up to 16 weeks (RRP 23.00 our price £22.00).


Think Earl Grey tea: clean and fresh with lemony notes. Put a pep in his step with this light and airy fragrance. Our top pick is a luxury pure soy wax candle by Melitarose: Wildflower and Bergamot. Fresh fir needles fall among aromatic white cedar and musk, with a wintery whisper of citrus. Top notes: bergamot, wildflower, lemon. Mid notes: balsam, cashmere woods, tonka. Bottom notes: pine, white cedar, oakmoss. 35 hour burn time (a snap at only £12.00).


Research shows that jasmine improves sleep quality and helps prevent restless nights. Our top pick is this Jasmine and Geranium diffuser by Candle Spa. Heady floral top notes of Indian jasmine that combine with the sweet intoxicating aroma of the geranium flower. Put this in the bedroom to create a perfect space for calm and relaxation (our price £23.00).

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful Father’s Day! 

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