Warning! Lighting a Trump can be dangerous.

We sell candles. Big ones, small ones, scented, unscented. We love what we do. However sometimes we get a little distracted. Especially by this Trump guy. He just doesn’t seem to want to play nicely. We tried to take a more lighthearted look at Mr Trump. It was tough……all that orange for a start! We came up with the Trump Candle,  we hope it puts a smile on your face. It is currently a one off but we can do more if anyone is interested……in burning a Trump! Anyone?

Which bring us very neatly on to the personalised candles that we do.

Apart from being able to offer you your own branded candles and home fragrance, (examples would be if you are a hotel wishing to provide customers with a gift to remind them of their stay, or perhaps a shop wanting to sell your own candles), we also do what many don’t. And that is to offer a quick cost effective service for your promotions, launches, events. We have done this for many years and there are not many times when we have been stumped. The only one that we can recall is a well known brand that wanted a particular dog shaped candle in less that 3 weeks…….not easy

An example of a quick cost effective marketing campaign would be our candle tins. We can have your designs, logos printed onto labels quickly and easily, and quantity isn’t an issue. Fragrances, colours, there are so many to choose from. Prices vary as it depends how many you want and how much you can provide us with regards to artwork. But honestly, we love doing it and we want your business, so why not give us a call when you are thinking up your next promotion?


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